Traffic Information Analysis and Monitoring Platform


The platform collects eTag, vehicle detector (VD) and auto vehicle identify (AVI) data and performs data matching of the same types of equipment to obtain travel time and trip path, and a web interface is provided to perform report inquiries. Besides, weather, sightseeing, parking status and accidents are to go through cross and statistical analysis. Variables affecting the road traffic are understood and threshold values are established so that the parking staff on duty can be alerted real-time when the threshold values are reached.

Description of Requirements

Data Collection

  • eTag, VD and AVI data in the parking zone are collected and stored in the database.
  • Information about weather, sightseeing, parking status and accidents that might affect road traffic is collected in order to analyze and compile the effects of all variables.
  • Travel Time Estimate

  • The calculation of travel time is performed every 5 minutes.
  • Travel time from different sources of information is compiled to generate the finalized path travel time.
  • The generated results on travel time are kept in the database for analysis.
  • Forecasting models and monitoring threshold values (historical values) can be established according to different time period and weeks. When the detected values exceed the threshold values, the system issues warning messages.
  • The travel time within the same period but different road paths is compared and analyzed and the results are presented in a trend graph.
  • Trip Analysis

  • Check the original data table on a daily basis to calculate the time that every vehicle goes through the equipment location.
  • Analyze the time-dependent OD table based on the data of the trip start point and destination provided by the detection location of equipment.
  • A single point of detection may have different OD trips passing through. Provide the OD and analyze the traffic bottlenecks of the road sections that are to be resolved.
  • Analyze if each OD has extra paths and the flow of each path based on the data of the trip start point and destination provided by the detection location of equipment.
  • Analyze the travel time of each OD going through different path based on the time the equipment is passed by.
  • Forecasting and warning of congestion and the spots availability of parking lots

  • Record the factors that affect congestion and space availability and analyze the combinations of all types of influencing factors (variables). Sort out and compile the levels of congestion and the changes in space availability.
  • Alert and early warning: The system compares the similarity between the conditions that are happening now to that of the ones the next few days. If threshold values are reached, warnings are issued as reference.
  • Travel Time Estimate

  • Congestion warning capability of the specified area.
  • Returned data showing the vehicle detection or analysis and warning of matching data.
  • Travel Time Estimate and Warning

  • Establish Forecasting Models of Travel Time.
  • Forecast the travel time every five-minute interval for the next one hour.
  • Analyze the historical data of travel time.
  • Compare the forecasted travel time to the threshold value of that time period. Issue warnings when the travel time exceeds the threshold value.

  • System Design and Composition

    Processing module that performs real-time analysis

    Collect origin data and perform the estimate of travel time. Issue congestion warnings in accordance with the monitored threshold values.

    Processing module that performs batch analysis

    Regularly query the historical database and perform analysis of trips and travel time history. Generate web-based reports that offer queries of necessary data and monitored threshold values.

    Web page display module

    Provide system parameters settings and report queries.


    Store real-time and historical traffic data. Store the data that have gone through statistical analysis in order to allow web-based query reports.